Azure Migration: 1-Day Assessment


Azure Migration Assessment includes comprehensive pre-migration assessment for migration requirements and your business needs.

About Azure Migration
Azure Migrate provides a centralized hub to assess and migrate to Azure on-premises servers, infrastructure, applications, and data.

Azure Migrate provides you with:
Unified migration platform: A single portal to start, run, and track your migration to Azure.
Range of tools: A range of tools for assessment and migration. Azure Migrate tools include Azure Migrate: Discovery and assessment and Azure Migrate: Server Migration. Azure Migrate also integrates with other Azure services and tools, and with independent software vendor (ISV) offerings.
Assessment and migration: In the Azure Migrate hub, you can assess and migrate:

  • Windows, Linux and SQL Server: Assess on-premises servers including SQL Server instances and migrate them to Azure virtual machines or Azure VMware Solution (AVS) (Preview).
  • Databases: Assess on-premises databases and migrate them to Azure SQL Database or to SQL Managed Instance.
  • Web applications: Assess on-premises web applications and migrate them to Azure App Service by using the Azure App Service Migration Assistant.
  • Virtual desktops: Assess your on-premises virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) and migrate it to Windows Virtual Desktop in Azure.
  • Data: Migrate large amounts of data to Azure quickly and cost-effectively using Azure Data Box products

About Azure Migration Assessment:
Digitech Azure Migration Assessment includes comprehensive pre-migration assessment for business needs, migration pre-requests, migration options and best practices, after assessment completion you will have full view of your azure migration requirements, TCO and ROI.