Azure Synapse - Test a Data Workload - 10 Day POC

Dimensional Strategies

Azure Synapse - Test a Data Workload. An introductory spin (10 Day POC). DSI will assist with a Proof of Concept to migrate a workload with high business value to the Synapse Analytics Platform.

Test a Data Workload. An introductory spin (10 Business Day POC)

Leveraging the Elasticity, Scale and seamless integrations with the Azure Modern Data Platform, DSI’s team of Big Data experts will guide you through migrating an existing big data workload to the Azure Synapse Analytics Platform.

DSI experts will work with your teams to jointly identify one high value business process. Together we will ingest, transform, model, curate and visualize your data within the unified Azure Synapse Analytics Platform.

Benefits: • Experience the power of the platform with real data • Support a more tangible business case for migration • Solidify post migration expectations