Modern Analytics Platform: 1/2 Day Briefing

Dimensional Strategies

MAP Your Future - A Modern Analytics Platform for Growth and Change

Data-driven organizations need a Modern Analytics Platform that empowers their information workers and satisfies the needs of a diverse set of end users. Rigid processes to deliver enterprise-wide reports to business users are being replaced by an agile architecture, driven by new data sets and new data types. The volume of data is growing as businesses capture it at a finer level of detail and therefore it is becoming increasingly difficult to predict the projected data volume even a few years out. The variety of data sources is also multiplying – data from social media and the Internet of Things (IoT) are certain to be joined by other diverse sources of structured and unstructured data.

Velocity will no longer be a measure of how quickly the data is being created but how fast the requirements and sources are changing.

In this half-day briefing, you will learn about:

Identification of ad hoc data source / business logic

Enterprise adoption of new data source and business logic

Enterprise integration of new data source and business logic