Azure Adoption sprint: 3-wk Assessment

NTT Limited

Support your Azure adoption initiatives, such as, transformation planning, cloud operating model and application architecture. We work with you to support such initiatives using agile sprints.

Azure adoption often requires guidance, insight and best practice from those who have previously completed similar engagements. NTT Ltd. leverages its cloud experts, to work with your teams to transform your use of IT and Azure in three key areas, operational excellence (reduce cost & risk while avoiding common pitfalls with a Azure foundation aligned to your business), application modernization (architect a specific application workload to run reliably & natively on Azure) and transformation planning (transform and/or consolidate systems to Azure with an end-to-end migration strategy, benefits map and commercial model).

Each of these key areas offers several agile sprints to address a variety of Azure adoption initiatives:

  • Operational excellence; with sprints for Azure governance (foundations), security & compliance, operating model, and software development lifecycle modernization. Outcomes include high level architecture and recommendations for ensuring repeatable patterns (based on NTT Ltd. blueprints) for successful Azure adoption, minimizing many of the common pitfalls.

  • Application architecture; with sprints for application modernization (Containers, DevOps and or Azure native) and SAP on Azure. Outcomes include high-level architecture that identifies functionality, reliability, security, performance, and cost whilst maximizing the use of Azure native features.

  • Transformation planning; with sprints for Azure adoption strategy and transformation plans/roadmap. Outcomes include roadmap summary (principles, considerations, risks), process (timeline, waves for moving to Azure, resource dependencies), target solution architecture (using a 6Rs application/workload assessment framework), target operating model and cost.

The price is for one sprint (in any of the above key areas) and is a 3-week engagement which includes five 2-hour workshops to understand the requirements, use cases, design patterns then review recommendations.