Managed SD-WAN for Azure: 2-Hr Briefing

Dimension Data

SD-WAN for Azure gives organizations insight and control over Azure hosted applications with robust edge to edge security and improved end user performance.

Dimension Data (Pty) Ltd is an NTT DATA, Inc. Company

SD-WAN for Azure has emerged as optimum approach for organizations looking to take full advantage of the benefits offered by Microsoft cloud and internet services.

Directed to CTOs, CIOs and senior IT professionals, this briefing is an introduction to our managed SD-WAN for Azure solution.

On your journey towards digital transformation and network modernization, NTT DATA offers your organization the critical deliverables you need when architecting your network for the digital era. With our managed SD-WAN for Azure solution, you will get global coverage that ensures consistent and flexible connectivity options that meet each individual branch requirement. Your organization is also ensured that your primary driver of productivity, your network, meets the required application and user experience quality, irrespective of location. With the ubiquity of the internet, and broadband internet, organizations need inherent security built into the solution and a consolidated managed service across Azure, networks and security as they blend into one.


  • Introduction to NTT DATA
  • High-level overview of the solution
  • Key solution benefits
  • Customer high-level business requirement
  • Next steps

Briefing Outcomes:

  • Insight into SD-WAN for Azure solution
  • Alignment on high-level business requirements
  • Agreed next steps

Key Benefits of SD-WAN for Azure:

  • Choose your own carrier
  • Rapid build and deployment
  • Application awareness protects business traffic
  • End to end managed service including overlay and underlay
  • Hardened security through automated encryption, network wide segmentation
  • Enhanced control through centralized management