Veeam Backup for Microsoft Azure: 2-Hour Briefing

Dimension Data

Veeam Backup for Microsoft Azure offers your business a range of effective tools that make it simple to manage, safeguard, and protect your data.

Dimension Data (Pty) Ltd is an NTT DATA, Inc. Company

You have a limited amount of access to and control over your personal data without an Azure backup. Data loss risks and gaps in retention policies can cause you to lose data. Additionally, you expose yourself to significant internal and external security threats, regulatory exposure, and other dangers.

Audience: CTOs, CIOs and senior IT professionals, this briefing is an introduction to our Veeam on Microsoft Azure backup solution.

Eliminate the danger of data loss on Azure while making significant savings thanks to Veaam Backup for Microsoft’s cost-effectiveness, security, and scalability features. To simply manage and safeguard all your Azure data, Veeam Backup for Microsoft Azure offers native, fully automated Azure backup and recovery. With NTT DATA the security of your data, as well as on-premises resources and the cloud components you manage are protected through Veeam’s backup for Microsoft Azure. Through this offering, your organization is able to retain business-critical data required for you to have complete access and control. NTT DATA provides a back-up solution on Azure using best-of-breed Veeam solutions. NTT DATA will meet your back-up requirements using our Microsoft approved Cloud Adoption Framework and methodology. Our rich experience in both the ICT infrastructure and data management spaces, and our status as an Azure Expert MSP makes us perfectly positioned to bring together best of breed technology to provide your organization with cost efficient, secure, scalable and compliant data back-up solutions in Azure.


  • Introduction to NTT DATA Veeam Backup on Azure solution
  • Identification of customer's high level business requirements
  • Brief overview of solution benefits
  • Outline of next steps

Assessment Outcomes:

  • Alignment and understanding of the customer's business challenges
  • Insight into Veeam Backup on Azure
  • Report drafting and presentation of findings
  • Accepted next steps

Benefits of Veeam Backup on Azure:

  • Low-cost Backup
  • One platform
  • Greater security and management
  • Fast and flexible recovery
  • Cloud mobility
  • Set and forget simplicity

Veeam Backup on Azure Desired Outcomes:

  • Veeam simplifies recovery of large environments thanks to bulk recoveries, which enable Administrators to recover data of multiple users in a single operation, instead of manually recovering users one by one.
  • Recover data exactly where you need it, whether it is to the original user or a different user, to Microsoft Office 365 or to on-premises, or in an alternate manner (i.e., via email).
  • Veeam gives you full control over your data location, as you can store backup wherever you want, whether on-premises on any hardware, on the cloud, or at Service Providers.
  • Veeam enables you to provide different levels of data protection to different users by setting up multiple backup policies per Microsoft Office 365 organization. Veeam also enables you to customize backup schedules, so to adjust backup frequency to your business needs.