1-Day BI to AI Readiness Assessment


For companies transitioning from traditional analytics using DW & BI towards AI and Azure, this assessment covers strategy, infrastructure, and personnel needs to make it happen.

You realize the value of building your own Data & AI capability. However, you have challenges with understanding

  1. How specific roles in Analytics serve company needs (Data Scientist, ML Engineer, Data Engineer, BI Developer, PowerApps Developer)?
  2. What are performance and pay scale expectations for tiered roles (e.g., Level-1 vs Level-4 Data Scientist)?
  3. What tools and infrastructure are available to meet the objectives? e.g. Power BI, Azure Machine Learning Service, Power Apps etc

Divergence.AI offers a 1-day consultation that

  1. Assesses the state of current capabilities and identifies gaps that include personnel, infrastructure and tooling.
  2. Maps analytics objectives for the year to specific use cases and KPIs

Based on your goals, our customized report

  • Defines obstacles and primary needs
  • Maps company personnel needs to specific roles (e.g., Machine Learning Engineer Level-1, Data Scientist Level-4, BI Developer Level-2)
  • Maps company infrastructure needs to specific tools (e.g., Azure Machine Learning Service, Azure Auto ML, Power BI, Power Apps with AI Builder)
  • Clarifies experience and certifications fundamental to those roles. e.g., DP-100 for AI Solutions on Azure, 70-768 for Power BI)
  • Compares available tools & technologies for achieving objectives e.g., Azure Machine Learning vs PowerBI)