Teams Training & Support 8 - Week Implementation


Microsoft Teams powered solution using integrated AI to deliver Enterprise initiatives that will lower cost and deliver a self-service training and support model to drive operational cost-efficiency.

Divurgent works alongside the client to develop custom workflows & API integrations for their Healthbot SaaS implementation. This application package is a wrapper for our Tobias AI chatbot hosted on Azure, Tobias is a customizable bot natively designed for Teams that our clients have leveraged for a variety of use cases.

An example of a custom scenario we have successfully deployed is one with ServiceNow. In this example, the client's users engage with the Healthbot through Microsoft Teams, follow a triage of questions from the bot, and can submit ServiceNow Helpdesk tickets - all without leaving the Microsoft Teams window.

We’ve successfully demonstrated monetary savings & equal- or-better support & adoption outcomes through virtual support provided by TOBIAS & our agents, matched SME Knowledge to User Types: Automated routing to agents with knowledge of the module & workflows and provided efficient & scalable operations. The platform can be rapidly deployed & scaled up or down based on user demand, with the ability to optimize first request resolution, our chatbot resolves routine requests by providing answers or tip sheets using an artificially intelligent platform.

Each virtual support solution is tailored to your specific role types, common issues, and triage process. Using a data-informed approach, our comprehensive analytics dashboard provides transparency into request volume, first request resolution, and response quality.

Our outcomes have offered clients up to 30% cost-savings through virtual support, rather than traditional go-live support which achieved an 80% first-call resolution. TOBIAS, a self-service chatbot, will be implemented by timeline & plan below. These activities will be delivered in parallel with the Teams Adoption Program.

Sample Implementation Agenda Delivery/Start-Up 1 -2 Weeks

Proof of Concept/Pilot Phase Weeks 3-6

End-User Communication & Teams On-boarding Weeks 7-8