Security Package: 2-Days Discovery Workshop

Diyar United Co.

2-Days Discovery Workshop and Security Assessment

A service package designed to work with Microsoft Sentinel, which gives visibility over your organization’s security infrastructure. Leverage Microsoft’s technology, see and stop threats before they cause harm, with SIEM reinvented for a modern world. Microsoft Sentinel is your birds-eye view across the enterprise. Put the cloud and large-scale intelligence from decades of Microsoft security experience to work. Coupled with Diyar CSOC services, complement the technology with eyes from the experienced and skilled security engineers and analysts to ensure you’re at the helm of control of security in real-time.

Enablement Activation of Microsoft Sentinel Platform Configuration of Sentinel Setup and configure Azure Syslog/CEF Collector Onboarding of On-Premise and Cloud workloads Fine tuning alerts and notifications

Management & Operations Sentinel Management and Operations Fine-tuning Policies / Rules 24x7 Security Monitoring Security Analysis Threat Intelligence Threat Hunting SOAR Automation Playbooks Weekly, Monthly, Quarterly Reporting Reports Customization Incident Response Service Vulnerability Assessment (Internal)