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Domino & Notes App Modernization: 1-Day Workshop

Binary Tree

In this workshop, we will detail the technical, business and end user considerations and options available to pursue a Notes/Domino retirement or retention program.

Many organizations have to make strategic decisions on the future of Notes and Domino. Binary Tree has been helping clients in the Notes/Domino Market for over 26 years, and we are now addressing the Application component of Notes & Domino with our in-depth analysis solution, Domino & Notes Analyzer (DNA). DNA inventories and categorizes Notes/Domino applications and suggests destinations for the mission critical data & functionality that these applications support.

In this workshop, our experts will explain how we use DNA to analyze your environment and provide the foundation of your Domino/Notes Application transformation.
* First, we show how applications that are no longer used frequently nor have critical business value are archived onto Azure, Office365 SharePoint or OneDrive. Along with other options.
* Next, for applications that continue to be utilized but are not overly complex we outline the components of a path to either Office365 SharePoint or a SaaS solution that offers similar functionality.
* Then, we address the alternatives for highly complex and customized applications. For those we cover a hosted, Azure based solution, where our solutions can migrate the User Interface, Business Logic and Data.
* Lastly, in some cases, we cover retention of the applications on Notes/Domino using Domino on Azure, where we replicate the server environment onto Azure and your end users continue to use the Notes desktop Client to access these applications.

No later than 7 business days after the conclusion of this workshop, you will have in your possession a roadmap to accomplish the multi-faceted aspects of a detailed assessment that will assist you in retiring the Notes/Domino platform or retaining and modernizing (if required) all, or a subset of it, along with cost of ownership options.