Mobile App Innovation: 1 Day Assessment


During our app innovation assessment, you'll work with our expert team to help build a customised roadmap to deliver a modern mobile app experience.

We will help you utilise the very best of Azure's cloud computing power and groundbreaking services to embed innovation at the heart of your digital products.

Our team of digital activation specialists, product designers and Azure accredited software developers will assess either a concept or current application working through our 5 pillar app innovation process that covers: Purpose, Design Architecture & Tools, Development and Cloud to help you re-imagine or build a next-generation app for your organisation.

1/2 day one: immersion with your team to understand and interpret the purpose, context and technical architecture of your concept or app.

1/2 day two: completion of a full written report

You will come away with a personalised roadmap to innovate and modernise your mobile app experience.