Azure Cloud Migration Solution Assessment

Dotcom Software Projects

For any organization that is currently planning on migrating their workloads to Azure Public Cloud platform, the Azure solution assessment is a critical step in your cloud journey.

Cloud Migrations involve the transitioning of systems and data to the Azure cloud platform. Azure is a powerful and flexible cloud platform that can help organizations achieve their goals more efficiently and effectively. By leveraging Azure's scalable infrastructure, advanced analytics capabilities, and wide range of services and tools, businesses can improve their agility, reduce costs, and deliver better experiences for their customers.

Whether you're looking to migrate your existing applications to the cloud or develop new solutions from scratch, Azure can help you achieve your objectives faster and more effectively than traditional on-premises infrastructure. With its broad range of features and benefits, Azure is a top choice for organizations looking to optimize their workloads for performance, security, compliance, and cost.

Performing an Azure cloud migration assessment is a critical step in support of a cloud migration and modernization strategy.

By following a structured approach and using a range of tools, the Dotcom cloud migration assessment is an in-depth as-is assessment which will assist in identifying and addressing any issues before they have a significant impact on workload performance or security.

The assessment process typically involves identifying the scope of the assessment, determining the assessment approach, using native Azure tools and third-party tools for assessment, performing the assessment, reviewing the assessment results, developing a remediation plan, and implementing the remediation plan. Native Azure tools such as Azure Advisor, Azure Security Center, Azure Monitor, and Azure Policy can provide valuable insights into your workload's performance, security, and compliance. The critical findings from this assessment may involve making changes to the workload configuration, deploying new code, or applying security patches.

Our services offering can typically extend to cover the following specific implementation deliverables:

  • In-depth Application portfolio analysis
  • Per System/Application migration planning and execution
  • Data analysis and migration
  • DevOps configuration and execution
  • Governance Plan
  • Hybrid Strategy (excluded from execution)
  • General cloud consultation