HOW TO - Data Analytics on Azure: 3 Day Workshop

DotModus (Pty) Ltd

Determine what data matters most to your business and learn how to analyse it with the data analytics tools on Microsoft Azure.

In this interactive 3 day workshop, we’ll step you through the various data analytics tools available to you on the Azure platform.

We’ll show you how each of these services fit together, and how your team can use them for unparalleled data analysis.

We’ll use real-world examples to illustrate common problems that businesses are tackling with Azure analytics and ensure your team is ready to promote a data-driven culture throughout your business.


  • Learn about the various data analytics tools available to you on the Microsoft Azure platform.
  • Learn how to create an analytics pipeline that goes from ingestion to insights
  • Enable a truly data-driven culture in your business and empower self-service analytics
  • Learn how to keep your data safe and compliant
  • Learn how to reduce your spend and better manage resource usage

Agenda: Day 1: Problem Discovery, Use Cases, and Architecture Review Day 2: Workshop, Using Azure Synapse and Power BI, and Getting Started with Data Day 3: Execution and Evaluation, Proposed Solution, Implementation Guidance, and Pricing Discussions.