Azure Cost Optimization 1-wk Assessment


We help you know your ideal Azure expense plan and how to optimize it even further!

As cloud usage has surpassed the expected, Azure has proven to be an enterprise leader in the format. However, clever enterprises are the ones who optimize their expenses at each tread. Our experts at Dotsquares live and breathe on these technologies to provide you with a wholesome service, without putting a dent in your wallet!

Some of the aspects that will be assessed in this offer:

  1. Azure reserved instances
  2. Azure Hybrid Benefit
  3. Azure dev/test pricing
  4. Price matching with AWS
  5. Azure cost management
  6. Right-sizing VMs
  7. Using B-series VMs
  8. Shifting workloads to containers
  9. Locating and deleting unused disks
  10. Moving from database VMs to elastic databases
  11. Using storage tiering
  12. Optimizing Azure storage costs with Cloud Volumes ONTAP