SAP to Azure Analytics 10-wk Implementation


With this offer, smooth the way for an expeditious yet efficient manner of modernising and analysing your legacy SAP data.

We understand the significance of data integrity in the course of data modernization!

With enterprises pursuing their data driven transformation for effective processing, a massive value is catered by leveraging data in various Azure data services along with SAP data. A classic data migration may involve fetching SAP data onto an excel spreadsheet and then moving the data to Power BI service to interactively visualize and gain insights. This often leads to data silos and missed opportunities. To streamline this very process, enterprises tend to use SAP on Azure. Various Azure data services can be tapped into to make this process efficient and remove any data silos. Dotsquares with Azure provides a robust enterprise grade platform that offers agility and scale needed for the integration with SAP technologies, keeping your data intact and secure!

Sure-shot business benefits of this transformation:

  1. Access insights immediately with increased agility
  2. Yes, you get it all : Cost efficiency, effective strategies and the speed you deserve!
  3. Immense flexibility and scalability to improve customer’s experience
  4. State-of-the-art security, compliance, and business continuity.

Want to know the way we operate?

  1. Discovering and strategizing

Before migration, we need to be equipped with an assessment which would reduce possibilities of future hurdles and provide a transparent roadmap for you.

  1. Building a Proof of Concept

To gain stakeholder’s trust, we always recommend on building a proof of concept which will provide a clarity and conviction for future processing of the project.

  1. Migrate and Go Live

Here, we ensure complete security and business’s continuity by deploying the setup which will be enhanced incrementally.

  1. Curate a tailor-made Power BI Report

Here, we integrate the Azure data service opted by you with you custom-built Power BI report so that you can instantly start gaining insights of your SAP modernized data.

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