Salesforce to Azure Analytics 4-wk Implementation


We offer a complete migration package for you to relish real-time integration and analytics of your Salesforce data with Azure.

Salesforce helps your business gather numerous sorts of information, and that implies a torrential slide of data identified with CRM, marketing, sales. At the point when it's an ideal opportunity to analyse all that information, Microsoft Azure gives probably the most remarkable data storage and analytics platform available. Replicating your data from Salesforce to Azure doesn't need to be muddled. Dotsquares untangles this process to lessen your burden and figure how to deliver a quick and seamless product.

Know a little about our processing:

  1. Explore and Assess the Salesforce Data

Before migrating the salesforce data, we analyse it and also how it fits within the Azure Platforms. We need to understand how much data we are pulling over and it’s configuration. Of course, our expertise in Salesforce makes it an effortless process for you.

  1. Define and Design Data Models

This is the phase where we define the migration process for you and provide your with technical architectures for you to confirm. Considering the design, the data to be pulled over, and the target system, we begin to define timelines and any project concerns. By the end of this step, the whole project will be documented.

  1. Build the migration solution

Since you will only undergo the implementation one time, it’s crucial to get it right. We will break the data into subsets and build out one category at a time, along with unit testing.

  1. Validations

The testing process isn’t over after testing the code during the build phase. It’s important to validate the data migration design with real data to ensure the accuracy of the implementation and completeness of the migration

  1. Curating a tailor-made Power BI Report

Azure Data analytics Services integrates seamlessly with Power BI to provide you real time analytics. As a result of Dotsquares analytical approach, we ensure that you are up and running with your customised Power BI Report.