Azure AI & ML: 6-Months Implementation


Improve your business with Azure AI & ML: A 6-month contract that aims to design the best process for your business environment and build an optimized system.

Windows Azure will be able to create, deploy, and manage programs in Microsoft datacenters around the world. Azure Machine Learning (Azure ML) is a powerful cloud-based Predictive Analytics service. Ds-etrade's consulting experts provide an easy development environment to experiment with various algorithms in Azure ML Studio and deploy the trained model as an API for easy utilization.

▶ Providing consulting services

  • Analysis method guide through advanced analysis
  • Proposal of improvement plan for the existing model
  • Present a suitable statistical model
  • Present empirical effects through data linkage
  • Suggestion of data integration plan

▶ Differentiation Methodology: Statistics-based consulting + recent AI / machine learning techniques Experience:

  1. Customer analysis, demand forecasting, production process and facility quality forecasting project execution experience
  2. Prediction and analysis based on sensing data in seconds
  3. Linkage with system establishment for continuous service using big data infrastructure

▶ Main Services

  • Customer Analytics: Customer analysis/behavior prediction, Product recommendation algorithm, Strategy Simulation
  • Demand Sensing: Demand Sensing, Promotion effect analysis, Big data Connection (POS, SNS), ML-based Market demand forecasting
  • Quality analysis: Predicting product defects, Process/Quality Prediction, Quality abnormality detection, A/S Part Prediction