DXC GenAI Assistant In-a-Box


Augment your workforce with ChatGPT using your proprietary data and do it at scale - DXC GenAI Assistant In-a-Box can help navigate through complex documents and complete multiple cognitive tasks.

In order to succeed in a competitive landscape where Generative AI is providing a competitive edge, it is essential to leverage its capabilities. DXC’s GenAI Assistant In-A-Box is an end-to-end application designed to help businesses make the most out of GenAI technology and improve operations. It provides augmentation of multiple cognitive tasks, enhancing staff efficiency and providing a great user experience with intuitive and natural interactions. By responding to queries and broadening the scope of automated interactions, the GenAI Assistant In-a-Box can effectively reduce costs. Our implementation services of the accelerator cover setting up secure environments, data loading and engineering, prompt engineering, fine-tuning, and user interface development. When deploying the accelerator, we also make sure that the business adoption challenges are addressed through proper training, documentation and self-service functionalities.

How to use the GenAI Assistant In-A-Box: DXC’s accelerator utilizes the most up-to-date Generative AI models to enhance a variety of cognitive tasks, and is designed to be easily deployed with your enterprise data:

  • It can be tailored to fit a variety of applications and industries, offering customers instant benefits
  • It provides ChatGPT capability with your business data
  • Once deployed, it intelligently augments your staff

How DXC can help you:

  • DXC can assist your organization at any stage of its Generative AI journey. Our AI services encompass roadmap and strategy development, design, implementation, and scale out throughout the enterprise.
  • With nearly two decades of experience, DXC has honed its AI expertise in Machine/Deep Learning, Natural Language Processing (NLP), Computer Vision, foundation models, and other domains to enable business transformation for clients and partners

With DXC Professional Services and in collaboration with Microsoft Azure OpenAI products, using this Assistant in a Box solution, DXC will investigate, guide and assist your organization in the augmentation of multiple cognitive tasks and respond to queries whilst broadening the scope of your automated interactions thus GenAI Assistant In-a-Box effectively reducing costs.