DXC Azure VMware Solution


Unlock innovation and gain a competitive edge with the powerhouse Azure VMware Solution, moving your workloads to a more secure and scalable cloud infrastructure.

As a smart organizational leader, you know that moving your workloads to a more secure and scalable cloud infrastructure can benefit your customers and your balance sheet. However, the time and resource costs of such transitions can be daunting.  That's where DXC's Azure Services - VMware Solution comes in.  This offering scales according to your budget and IT needs, provides you with expertly-managed cloud service from DXC and the flexibility and scalability of the Microsoft Azure VMware Solution.  Benefits include:

  • Quick deployment - Deploy rapidly to VMware cloud clusters hosted by Azure data centers through the use of DXC's customizable cloud templates and DXC’s extensive orchestration and automation library.
  • Tailored services - Choose the services you need starting with a base Microsoft context along with ServiceNow, API catalogs, or our Enterprise IT Service Management portal. You can also receive application support through DevSecOps, continuous integration/continuous delivery (CI/CD), day 2 operations and Infrastructure as Code. 
  • Full cloud support - Access the full suite of Microsoft Azure cloud services, including architecture, design, migration, delivery and continuous operational support in areas such as storage, virtual network, and security and financial management. 
  • End-to-end managed services - Get end-to-end managed services support through Platform X™, our automated service-delivery model. The platform allows for full-stack capabilities, including infrastructure support, monitoring and automated patching

Key Benefits

  • Go faster. Deploy rapidly by migrating to a consistent infrastructure delivered as a service. 
  • Reduce risks. Keep threats at bay by moving to a secure platform with built-in security updates.
  • Gain expertise. Drive business value with unparalleled advice in areas such as cloud migration of critical workloads, application development and financial impact / ROI. Azure VMware Solution (AVS) is a cost-effective, capital-light VMware hosting option for clients that are committed to Microsoft Azure as a strategic IT direction but need to run VMware workloads in the same physical cloud infrastructure as their other Azure resources.  DXC's AVS Managed Capability is an extension of our existing Azure Services offering.  AVS service allows the provisioning and execution of a full VMware Cloud environment on Azure integrated with native Azure services. This architecture model ensures consistent infrastructure and operation across any private and public cloud, including Microsoft Azure.