DXC OpenAI Integration Service


Ensuring your business is positioned to compete in a world where Generative AI is poised to give a significant advantage to organizations that leverage its capabilities.

DXC OpenAI Integration Service offers advisory, design, implementation and integration services around Microsoft Azure‘s OpenAI Service. Whether you are just starting out or are finding challenges integrating your OpenAI implementation into your business, we can assist you to make sure your solution provides business value, is scalable, fine-tuned, compliant and secure. The advisory service will help identify how OpenAI can benefit your business, determine ROI, review relevant use cases, and prioritize the ones you select. The design services will help you choose the right architecture, develop security guardrails, integrate Responsible AI practices, and come up with a wireframe solution of what the end application could look like. Implementation services cover setting up the environments, loading data where necessary, prompt engineering, fine tuning and user interface development. The final service integrates your newly developed OpenAI capabilities into enterprise-wide solutions, applications, processes and systems. The company-wide use of Generative AI functionalities requires integrating them into larger solutions, applications, processes or systems. This is the gap that DXC covers as an experienced service integrator. There is a lot of hype about ChatGPT but DXC is one of the few companies that is able to integrate Generative AI functionalities into real enterprise systems. DXC has been implementing and integrating Natural Language Processing (NLP) based solutions for over 10 years and thus is well positioned to operationalize OpenAI functionalities in business applications.

DXC Differentiators

  • DXC is a Leader in Data Science and AI
  • DXC offers the unique combination of design experience, human-centered AI development, and applied AI capabilities
  • DXC has Azure OpenAI accelerators for easy access to the latest AI technology and quick business value
  • DXC has an extensive track record in integrating and operationalizing AI within the enterprise, including cognitive services such as the new Azure OpenAI
  • We deploy our DXC Engineering fusion teams to combine data science, application development, security, and industry expertise
  • Dedicated CoEs and AI talent across the globe
  • Strong Partnership with Microsoft’s OpenAI service teams