Internet of Things: 1 Day Virtual Workshop

Dynamics Edge

This instructor-led workshop details how to implement an end-to-end solution analyzing high velocity data in Azure. Learn to create a lambda architecture, filtering data for use in hot and cold paths.
This instructor-led virtual workshop details how to implement an end-to-end solution simulating high velocity data emitted from smart meters and analyzed in Azure. Create a lambda architecture, filtering a subset of the telemetry data for real-time visualization on the hot path, and storing the data in long-term storage for the cold path. **What You’ll Learn** * Implement a simulator sending telemetry from smart meters * Capture and process both hot and cold data using Stream Analytics and HDInsight with Spark * Visualize hot data with Power BI **Prerequisites** * Workshop content presumes 300-level of architectural expertise of infrastructure and solutions design * We strongly recommend students take a Microsoft Azure Essentials course before enrolling in this workshop #### Agenda **Workshop Outline** Module 1: Whiteboard Design – Internet of Things * Review the customer case study * Call to action: Design a proof of concept solution * Call to action: Present the solution Module 2: Hackathon – Internet of Things * Before the hackathon * Environment setup * IoT Hub provisioning * Completing the Smart Meter Simulator * Hot path data processing with Stream Analytics * Cold path data processing with HDInsight Spark * Reporting device outages with IoT Hub Operations Monitoring * Cleanup