Azure Governance & Oversight - Workshop - 1 Day

DynTek Inc.

Create an Azure Governance Control Plan

In an interactive setting, our specialists will help you create a plan for Azure cloud governance by working together to take an in-depth look at the people, processes, and technologies currently in place within your organization. Then, we will build frameworks that make it easy for IT to consistently support business needs while providing users with the flexibility to use the features of Azure.

DURING THE WORKSHOP, WE WILL DIVE INTO: ► Define Azure Governance Objectives ► Roles and Responsibilities ► Risk /Capability Analysis ► Systems Review (Existing and Proposed) ► Business Initiative Review ► Operational Overview ► Help Desk/Support Review

Deliverables The objective of the workshop is to gather all the key inputs for a working draft of a Governance Control Plan. After the information is collected and analyzed, we conduct a follow-on session to aid in the adoption and implementation plan:

► Post-workshop Review

Review collected data Determine Governance feasibility and overall approach ► Stakeholder Review Establish working group Maturity assessment