Azure Readiness 1 Week Assessment

Eacs Ltd

An eacs Azure Readiness Assessment can give you the jump-start you need to redefine your business as an agile, cloud first organisation.

You probably already have a significant investment in Microsoft technology, from Windows Server to Exchange and SQL. You might use Active Directory for authentication and other pivotal IT functions as well as System Center to simplify management. How do you move these workloads to Microsoft’s cloud platform while building on existing skills and making use of familiar tools?

At eacs we understand the challenges cloud migrations can offer up. We bear the scars to prove it, and you can benefit from this knowledge by working in partnership to build your cloud strategy. Our readiness assessment will help you get to grips modernising your IT to be agile and flexible, while also getting into the weeds of the fun bits like licensing and Total Cost of Ownership.

Cloud computing enables you to try before you buy. We can help you define and develop everything from proofs-of-concept to full scale migrations and everything inbetween, because we’ve been there, done it and got the t-shirt.