Azure Migration: 1-Week Assessment

Eastbay Cloud Services Inc.

Azure Cost Assessment and Migration planning engagement

Making your Transformation Successful: Assessing your existing infrastructure is the most crucial step in planning your move to the cloud. This includes minimal-impact assessment and visualization of your entire infrastructure environment, including dependencies, performance assessment and security policy creation. This will help ensure cloud resource sizing and a seamless migration to Azure. We will recommend a model of operations and provide a concrete TCO for a seamless migration avoiding unnecessary issues and costs.

Disaster Recovery Assessment : Eastbay will identify potential problems which could impact data centre operations, in order to create the most effective disaster recovery plan for your organization.

Security Risk Assessment : Security policies are of the utmost importance with cybercrime increasingly on the rise. Eastbay will assess any potential threats to your architecture and recommend ways of mitigating these risks.

Our 7-day assessment breaks down as follows: • Day 1, Workshop and assessment configuration • Day 2-6, Assessment • Day 7, Reporting of findings