Eastwall AI QuickStart

Eastwall, LLC

Upskill your team on AI use cases, then design and prototype an AI implementation that moves the needle for your business.

While technologies that empower business intelligence, artificial intelligence and data science are useful tools for value creation, they are a means, not an end. The required foundation of any AI adoption initiative is a quality foundation of data – centralization, operating model, and data management strategies. With this foundation, pinpointing the best use cases for AI outlines the technical requirements for a successful deployment of AI-infused applications.

Eastwall’s engagement is a deep dive into how AI aligns with your unique business and application environment. Learn how to accelerate AI value by identifying the most relevant use-cases for your organization based on Total Impact and Return on Investment. You’ll work with Microsoft certified, highly knowledgeable consultants, architects & engineers in engaging design-thinking workshops to outline those highest priorities. Over the course of several weeks, Eastwall’s team will partner to support deploying an AI landing zone, modelling data appropriately, and test-driving various Azure-native analytics and AI services to inform your vision and rapidly prototype value solutions. Engagements are offered in duration of six-to-twelve weeks depending on complexity of the solution and targeted approach.

Work with Eastwall to complete activities such as:

• One-to-many AI upskilling & training, design thinking, and business priority cataloging workshop(s).

• Iterative deployments of data & AI solutions in an Azure subscription.

• Roadmapping and planning for production maturation of solutions deployed.

With a detailed technical assessment & go-forward plan, implemented solution, and a backlog of continued improvements, Eastwall helps leading organizations fortify their cloud approach brick by brick.