Eastwall Azure DevOps & GitHub Migration

Eastwall, LLC

Migrate & optimize your Software Delivery Lifecycle Management (SDLM) toolchain to best-in-class enterprise tools with Azure DevOps and/or GitHub Enterprise.

As your trusted Microsoft partner, Eastwall supports organizations evaluate migrations from legacy software development toolchains to move into Azure DevOps and/or GitHub Enterprise. Whether you are looking for a single, enterprise suite for all developer productivity tools or migration to specific technologies such as Azure DevOps boards and GitHub Actions, Eastwall can help enhance developer velocity and upskill your team along the way.

During your assessment & migration engagement, Eastwall works with your teams to create a tactical, step-by-step migration plan. We determine which enterprise Microsoft toolchain is best for your business based on your unique software engineering requirements. With the plan in hand, our teams work together to stage, migrate, and test components such as repositories, pipelines, and customer-facing deployments. We partner on tasks such as:

• Migration Readiness: Evaluate existing repos, workflows, and use patterns to tailor an effective, non-intrusive migration plan.

• Repository & Pipeline Migration: Move repos and build & release pipelines to Azure DevOps pipelines and/or GitHub Actions workflows, validating functional parity and developer education during the transition.

• Security and Compliance: We’ll ensure in-line validation, role-based access control, service connections, auditing & logging, and other features are enabled in your chosen toolchain to get the visibility necessary to secure your implementation. If leveraging GitHub, we’ll support GitHub Advanced Security (GAS).

• Training: Part of a successful migration is ensuring your team has the capability to own and operate the solution post-cutover. Eastwall provides broad training to stakeholders & technical users, as well as deep dives on specific components for your daily power users.

• Optimization: As a part of our migration work, Eastwall will improve or optimize where possible. We typically provide a written backlog of improvements & functional updates that your team can use after the engagement to continue enhancing their developer velocity & experience.

Engagements typically begin at two weeks duration for assessments and can last six weeks or more for full production cutovers of active customer-facing software deployment ecosystems. Our team will work with you to determine the timeline & actual cost estimate.

With a detailed technical assessment & go-forward plan, implemented solution, and a backlog of continued improvements, Eastwall helps leading organizations fortify their cloud approach brick by brick.