Eastwall Azure Health Data Services QuickStart

Eastwall, LLC

Collaborate to modernize legacy healthcare data & imaging integrations with modern Azure-native FHIR, DICOM, and MedTech services.

Azure Health Data Services are a set of managed API services (PaaS) that have evolved to support multiple health data standards for the exchange of structured data. A single collection of APIs allows you to deploy multiple data service instances of different service types (FHIR, DICOM, and IoT Connector) that work seamlessly with one another.

Eastwall’s QuickStart will include design workshops to help you identify up to three scenarios, create reference architecture design(s), implement a baseline proof of concept, and ultimately modernize healthcare integration(s) using Azure Health Data Services. Our goal is to drive knowledge of services which drive innovation in your core solutions, increases time to market and product efficiency expanding your organization’s ability to adopt complimentary data and application-centric services within Azure (Synapse, Azure ML, Data Factory, etc.).

Eastwall offers QuickStart engagements between two and six weeks in duration in which you receive a hands-on experience designing architectures and implementing unique healthcare integration need(s). We work to understand applications & workflows to build mutual expectations around milestones for deployment and what can be accomplished in their engagement timeframe. Working with a highly certified Microsoft Azure Architect and a Healthcare Industry executive, your team will complete activities including:

• Conduct collaborative workshops to review Microsoft’s Azure Health Data Services ecosystem and Eastwall’s design blueprints, addressing requirements & parameters for deployment.

• Leveraging Eastwall & Microsoft’s library of artifacts, automation templates and best-practices to integrate FHIR, DICOM and MedTech services in a pilot/proof of concept solution.

• Leverage complimentary Azure services (Event Hub, Service Bus, Logic Apps, Functions, etc.) to connect Azure Health Data Services into existing applications

• Integrate Azure Health Data Services with data estates and ecosystems on the Azure platform (warehousing, data lake, blob, Azure SQL database)

• As-built documentation with guidance on scaling, optimization and operations

• Create an iterative backlog of tasks, typically in Azure DevOps, that provide clear path to production and maturation/improvement opportunities beyond the QuickStart engagement

With a detailed technical assessment & go-forward plan, implemented solution, and a backlog of continued improvements, Eastwall helps leading organizations fortify their cloud approach brick by brick.