Eastwall Azure Virtual Desktop Deployment

Eastwall, LLC

Launch critical line of business applications remotely to accelerate productivity and access to software in a secure and compliant ecosystem.

Working with Eastwall in an Azure Virtual Desktop (AVD) deployment engagement is a way to help your organization accelerate productivity and access to software. Deliver desktops & applications from Azure in a secure, seamless methodology across any device to maximize uptime and efficiency. Eastwall outlines best practices for AVD design, deployment and operations aligned to Microsoft’s Cloud Adoption Framework and suggested architectures.

As part of your partnership with Eastwall in an Azure Virtual Desktop engagement, our teams will work together to identify configuration specifics associated with your Azure subscriptions and tenants, desktop & application requirements and architectures, architecture of the network & security ecosystem, autoscaling of the solution and service alerting. In just a few short weeks, your organization will be enabled with:

• Setup your Azure tenant (if required) and subscription(s).

• Configuration of the AVD environment, workspaces, and application groups.

• Integration with Azure Active Directory and existing users, groups & policies.

• Management of virtual-machine or application images for rapid deployment & scaling.

• User profile management and configurations.

• Clear understanding of licensing and cost management for your AVD use cases.

• Security, governance, and operational controls.

• Business continuity of the system in one-to-many regions.

• Robust documentation of the architecture & system operations, with training & handoff for your technology and user teams.

When you partner with Eastwall, your organization gets more than just access to highly certified & knowledgeable Microsoft experts. Outcomes for your organization include:

• A robust, flexible Virtual Desktop Environment in your Azure subscription.

• Enable your hybrid/remote work staff with access to key cloud and on-premises apps.

• The ability to rapidly deploy and scale virtual desktops to users.

• Confidence in a secure environment with less strain on your operations or IT team(s).

• Partnership & guidance from a Microsoft-recognized engineering & consulting team for long-term success.

Eastwall offers project approaches for your Azure Virtual Desktop engagement that span 4 to 8 weeks, depending on complexity and scale, number of desktop profiles or applications moved into Azure, and whether the deployment is net-new or integrated with an existing Azure estate. We upskill & train your team throughout, as well as provide robust documentation, to ensure your long-term adoption and readiness to migrate future workloads onto the Azure platform.

With a detailed technical assessment & go-forward plan, implemented Azure solution, and a backlog of continued improvements, Eastwall helps leading organizations fortify their cloud approach brick by brick.