Azure VMWare Solution: 1-Wk Assessment


Uncover and assess your VMware infrastructure to enhance the performance, flexibility, and scalability of VMware workloads through migration to Azure VMware Solution.

Maximize the value of your VMware investment by migrating to the cloud

The Azure VMWare Solution Assessment offers the chance to collaborate with our cloud migration specialists in developing a strategic approach to the cloud. This program accelerates innovation, enhances efficiency, and cultivates a competitive edge. During the assessment, our team will provide a comprehensive and tailored recommendation aligned with your management and optimization objectives. You'll gain hands-on experience with the technology by piloting selected workloads, allowing your organization to become familiar with this technology.

ECF Data’s VMWare Solution assessment encompasses the following modules:

Planning and Design

-VMware compatibility
-VM resources needed
-Network connectivity (ExpressRoute / VPN)
-Firewall / security
-Storage information
-Back-up DRP

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