Azure Enterprise Landing Zone: 4-Week Implementation


Perform cloud migration efficiently and launch and deploy workloads and applications quickly by developing and implementing enterprise-grade Azure landing zone.

An easier and more secure cloud migration with ECF Data’s Azure Enterprise Landing Zone Implementation

With the realization that the business landscape is ever changing, a rapid rise to businesses adopting hybrid and remote work has been observed. This move aims to give convenience not only to the organization but for the employee as well.

However, as with other cloud computing platforms, it is not perfect. Users face challenges in security, adoption, cost, and more.

An Azure Landing Zone enables your business with modern and innovative application migration at enterprise-scale in Azure. The 4-week engagement offered by ECF Data aligns closely with Microsoft Azure’s well-architected framework to ensure that your environment is properly set up the first time.

Some of the benefits of the Azure Enterprise Landing Zone include:

-Get Started with Azure ASAP - The preparation for cloud migration remarkably takes less time with the Landing Zone. Actions that typically take days can be done in just a few minutes. Landing Zones also make the environment easy to expand, making it easy to expand your business quickly.

-Extend and Adjust the Environment as needed - One of the most noteworthy features of the Azure Landing Zone is that it is API-driven and built with an elevated level of standardization. The implementation of new applications becomes more efficient compared to the typical enterprise IT architecture.

-Security is uncompromised - The landing zone places a high value on compliance that engineers and developers can work with by abiding compliance requirements. Organizations need not spend any time putting any restrictions into place within their public cloud architecture. The landing zones assist in updating the virtual environment consistently and continuously.

-Understand your costs better - Businesses in the cloud usually lose control over their spending. But, using the correct framework, they are free to build and develop new initiatives without the unexpected or unnecessary costs.

The delivery of the implementation includes:

-Azure subscription topology design and implementation

-Azure policy implementations to support governance and deployment acceleration

-Hybrid-cloud networking implementation

-Determine synchronization to Azure AD from Windows Server Active Directory

-Role-based access control for Azure resources to ensure fine-grained access management

-Knowledge transfer including Cloud Adoption Framework

ECF, on the 4-week engagement, will follow this agenda:

Week 1: Assessment

-Assess your current Azure landing zone and analysis of your gaps

-Instruction on how to proceed with a pilot migration

-Recommendation on how to connect the landing zone to your on-prem infrastructure and how to implement shared services to handle application-specific workloads

Week 2: Design

-A workshop to assemble the requirements and gap analysis to build “standard” Velocity Landing Zone mechanism

-A customized workshop to propose the best solution to and certify the design for execution

-Support with design authority approvals and clearances

-Documentation of design

Week 3: Build

-Build best practice guidelines

Week 4: Project Management

-ECF Data provides delivery and completely project-managed strategy and execution

-This stage also builds documentation for the handover workshops and proceeds with service transition.