EchoStor Azure Landing Zone Microsoft

EchoStor Technologies

A Landing Zone needs to be deployed in a way that gives organizations the flexibility that require.

EchoStor Azure Landing Zone offering is designed to help organizations who are looking to adopt the cloud as a part of their IT strategy. We focus on working with the Information Technology team to help understand their Azure cloud initiatives and help design an Azure landing zone strategy that meets their business needs along with providing multi-account architecture, identity and access management, governance, data security, network design, and logging. We leverage our industry leading expertise in Azure cloud and on-prem environments to help our customers design, implement, and run their cloud environments in accordance with what's important to them and their business objectives. The result is a enterprise ready cloud adoption framework that will allows customers to help migrate workloads into the Azure cloud in a secure fashion that leverages the best aspects of the cloud. As part of this solution, we provide the following: Meet with IT to establish goals and understand the business Create Azure landing zones design Deploy and configure the landing zone per the design. • Management Groups, Subscriptions, Resource Groups • VNETs, Azure Subnets, Network Security Groups • AD Connect, DNS, IAM, Role-based Access Control • Virtual WAN, Virtual Network Gateways • Backup and Monitor • Activity Log Retention Establish cloud connectivity per the customer requirements. • Cloud-to-Cloud • On-premise Data Center-to-Cloud

This solution is ideal for any industry that is looking to help leverage the Azure cloud to help improve their IT operations.