AI as a service: 6-Weeks Implementation

eCraft Oy Ab

Build and operate AI solutions in scale, with a fixed-fee managed service

eCraft offers you a ready-made Azure based platform, templates, experts, and a standardized production process for building and operating AI solutions in scale, as a managed service in Azure. Thanks to the standardized approach, you stand to gain up to 5x improvement in your AI implementation costs and time-to-market.

Key technical building blocks standing as the foundation of your solution include Azure Machine Learning, Azure Synapse and Azure Data Lake (Gen2).

Typical use cases covered:

  • Demand forecasting
  • Customer churn & life-cycle value
  • Product recommendations
  • Risk prediction
  • Predictive maintenance
  • Invoice processing automation
  • Automating/augmenting routine decisions

The fixed prices include the AI part of your typical use cases, excluding user interfaces and additional integrations:

  1. Proof-of-value: 10 000€ basic | 20 000€ premium:
  • From idea to concept (documentation)
  • From concept to prototype (Python implementation for Azure based AI platform)
  • Accuracy & value measurement (test results)
  1. Production: 10 000€
  • Operational AI solution built in Azure environment under Microsoft CSP model, integrated with your data, and validated to work reliably.
  1. Managed services: 1000€ / month
  • AI running reliably in Azure for your business, including monitoring, model retraining, fixes and updates

Each stage ends with a review and go/no-go decision.

See attached documentation for detailed service deliverables.