Citrix on Azure 3-day Workshop


3-day Citrix on Azure workshop
# A three day workshop focused on the technical, financial and organizational aspect of running Citrix on Azure. ## Why look at Citrix on Azure * Are you considering if now is the time for moving your on-prem Citrix workloads to Azure? * Do you have the required flexibility in your current Citrix environment? * Your on-prem hardware platform for Citrix workloads is up for renewal * You wish to use Azure as a disaster recovery site. Topics on the Agenda includes ## Day one: * Analysis of existing Citrix topology and performance * Citrix Version upgrade session (if needed) ## Day two: * Citrix on Azure Security design session * Citrix on Azure Networking design session * Citrix on Azure VM, network and storage design session * Citrix on Azure cost calculation, projections and analysis * Citrix on Azure deployment and migration approach * Citrix on Azure technical architecture presentation to stakeholders ## Day three * Pilot deployment of selected environment in Azure * Training and handover session ## Follow-up * Pilot result presentation to stakeholders * Next steps ## Deliverables: By the end of the three day workshop, the customer will have * a high-level design and migration plan for moving to Citrix on Azure * a functional prototype environment on Azure and Citrix Cloud. * a cost calculation and projection for Citrix on Azure