Windows Virtual Desktop (WVD) - 2 day Assessment


Windows Virtual Desktop allows your users to connect with office resources via a fully managed virtual desktop, using their personal device or computer in a secure and reliable manner.

What is Windows Virtual Desktop ?

Windows Virtual Desktop is a flexible and scalable cloud based virtual desktop platform that easy adapts to the business needs. With Windows Virtual Desktop the business can quickly spin up a fully managed virtual desktop for users, allowing the users to connect to company resources from outside the network and from the device or PC of their choosing.

Common scenarios for WVD are:

  • Security and regulation
  • Elastic workforce
  • Specific employees
  • Specialized workloads

What are the key benefits of Windows Virtual Desktop?

  • The only multi-session Windows 10 environment
  • Highly cost-effective virtual infrastructure
  • Decreased management overhead to remain most productive
  • Complete support for Remote Desktop Services Environment
  • The best service to virtualize Office 365 ProPlus running in multi-user virtual scenarios
  • Windows 7 with free ESU
  • Seamlessly virtualize both desktops and apps


  • Usage cases
  • Landing zone design
  • WVD and remote work architecture
  • Licensing and commercial considerations


Over a 2-day period we gather the necessary information from your stakeholders to help you determine how WVD can be implemented to maximum benefit for your organization.