Azure DevOps & App Modernization: 1-Day Assessment


One day to audit your current situation, analyze together and plan next step of your Azure journey

DevOPS, Containers, Severless, we all have those keywords in mind. Do you really know what is behind and what Cloud Services can do for you? Edifixio offers to help you to start your journey to application & processes modernization.

Our Basic offer start with a 1 day assessement but can be completed with the Advanced or Full options.


  • 1h call to discuss the scope, brief overview of current state and ideal state
  • Discuss focus for the first day


Fixed Price: 2000 €

  • Presentation of the different ways to move to the cloud
  • What are DevOps, Kubernetes Containers and Cloud Native Applications?
  • Identified 1 application
  • Review Current State
  • Define Ideal State

What you get?

  • Technological study and long-term recommendations for the first Application
  • How Azure integration can help you to be more efficient


Coaching of Implementation Team: 15000 €

  • Workshops with technical, product owners and ISD Team to collect data about the identified application(s)
  • Designs, plans and documents key considerations for Application Modernization effort

What you get?

  • Application design for the chosen Application
  • Realistic Roadmap for implementation
  • Recommendation for implementation and operation teams


Can contain: full implementation and/or monitoring and support: Final price to define

  • Implementation of the solution
  • Support for best practices and process optimization
  • NextGen monitoring

What you get?

  • Transform your apps and take advantage of micro services, server less architecture, and containers to remove large dependencies within your apps and create independently deployable components
  • Scale app delivery while staying agile with processes and flexible tools and services for developers
  • Business & Technical oriented monitoring

Choose the offer that match your expectation!