Devops Roadmap: 2 Weeks Assessment

Eficode Oy

Drive organizational performance, learn from hundreds of companies & uncover hidden roadblocks and make a roadmap.

At Eficode, we have helped hundreds of companies through their DevOps transformations. Eficode is accredited with DevOps using Github on Azure Advanced Specialisation and employs 500 DevOps experts in 9 countries and services multitude of languages, such as English, German, French, Spanish, Swedish and Finnish.

During the assessment, your team will learn best practices and gain insights from our experienced consultants and coaches on how to best become agile and utilise Azure products and services, GitHub on Azure and enhance your DevOps maturity level. Our expert consultants been working with DevOps maturity models since the very beginning of DevOps itself and have strong experience in particularly in Azure GitHub and Azure DevOps practices and enablement.

We will assess your processes: where they deliver value, and how they could be improved. We bring DevOps experts to investigate your technology setup and teamwork potential using for example GitHub and Azure DevOps and other development tools and frameworks.

What you will get from Eficode with this Assessment?

CURRENT STATE REPORT - Observations and benchmarks for DevOps and automation capabilities using for example GitHub or Azure DevOps aggregated from your focus areas.

KEY RECOMMENDATIONS & DETAILED INSIGHTS - Primary areas for improvement include recommendation cards, graphs & industry comparison along with Microsoft Azure and GitHub best practices tailored for your organisation.

NEXT STEPS & TRANSFORMATION ROADMAP - Suggestion of the recommended improvements for near and long term goals on your entire Microsoft portfolio and the DevOps tooling and processes.

DURATION & DELIVERY - Assessment can be delivered online or on-site (additional cost associated). Traditional delivery model consist of kick-off meeting, series of interviews of various parts of organisation, comment rounds of interviews and a final wrap-up meeting. Assessment can vary slightly in calendar time based on the number of interviews, but is intended to be ran within 2 weeks timeframe. Large multinational organisations should expect increase in duration and the complexity of the assessment and methodologies being used.

COST - Cost is based on single assessment engagement and workload is based on two Senior consultants performing the 2 weeks assessment. Significantly with larger engagements, customer should expect higher cost and duration of assessment due to increased complexity and workload of performing the assessment and preparing the deliverables.

Eficode Value Proposition is based on a mutual understanding of the your business strategies and current DevOps capabilities, we will together produce a realistic roadmap of improvement steps to make your company agile and able to move swiftly in to the future using best in class technologies such as GitHub or Azure DevOps and other tooling required to achieve this.