GitHub CI CD Boost: 6-week Implementation

Eficode Oy

Aim for a clean pipeline and related processes for a cost-efficient usage of GitHub on Azure. Always have the skills you need to develop and deliver with GitHub.

Eficode’s skilled consultants can assess and improve your current release processes on GitHub on Microsoft Azure. We identify your build pipeline and delivery pain points, and prepare a project plan for future improvement activities. Eficode can then put improvements into practice for your teams. Finally, your teams will receive coaching and training to help ensure that changes get traction and get used in everyday life of development and operations.

As the area of Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery is vast and requires special skills, the Eficode way of running GitHub Boost projects is based on flexible talent: We define together what skills are needed during the implementation. Eficode will then provide people with the right skills: one person with broader skills, or two people with specific skills

Typical experts in our GitHub Boost projects are:

*Change Lead & Project Responsible: Defines the initiative, identifies stakeholders, and estimates effort and cost. Keeps track of progress. Acts as a key contact between vendor and customer.

*GitHub Specialist: Dives deep into the customer delivery process. Creates plans for improvement and makes sure developers are heard. Enables change in systems & organization with key implementations.

*Quality Assurance Specialist: Connects end-user experience and overall quality aspects to delivery pipeline work. Ensures that change is done with the end product as the main focal point.

The duration of work ranges over a number of weeks, from 4 to 6+ as per customer need.

Deliverables: DevOps Toolset Analysis & Roadmap Improvements as laid out in the Roadmap Coaching, training