Microsoft Azure Datacenter Migration & Iaas: 3-Wk Proof of Concept

Egroup, Inc.

Modernize your digital business with a migration to Microsoft Azure

Moving to the cloud is not always an easy decision, and many factors must be considered to determine the optimal deployments. While one size doesn’t fit all, Microsoft Azure has something for all organizations that can be leveraged in different capacities.

With eGroup Enabling Technologies Datacenter Migration and Iaas Proof of Concept your organization can learn how to:

-Enable Digital Transformation
-Reduce the Risk of Security Breaches
-Maximize Your Return on Investment
-Extend Your Security

Our multi week Proof of Concept includes the following agenda:
Week 1: Planning and Configuration of Microsoft Azure and Microsoft Azure Networking to support the new applications
Week 2 - 3: Migration of Existing Data Center or Cloud services to Microsoft Azure
Week 3: Knowledge Transfer and Documentation of Proof of Concept

With a move to Microsoft Azure, it will allow your business to consolidate platforms, management and gain greater control and security of your service levels, all while being able to maximize your ROI with the flexibility of the cloud.