Azure Analytics Analysis & Design: 1-2 Hour Assessment

Eide Bailly LLP

Deliver Azure analytics strategy including milestones, software/ETL stack recommendations (Data Factory, Azure SQL, Synapse, etc), reporting plan, & estimates based on your specific business needs

Data architects from Eide Bailly Analytics will hold 1-2 Analysis & Design sessions (usually remote) to gather information on your specific business processes, needs, current reporting processes, current Microsoft Cloud footprint, & data-state/situation. We use this information to produce written recommendations & an assessment to begin your data analytics strategy including the items below. This assessment benefits a range of users from mid-market companies who may have limited-to-no analytics, to enterprise companies who need specific guidance on tools or staff augmentation.

  1. Prioritized milestones
  2. Azure Software/ETL stack recommendations (ex. Data Factory, Logic Apps, Azure SQL Database, Synapse, Snowflake, Power BI, etc.)
  3. Source-system overview (source prioritization/complexity, data size, automated extraction methods, refresh frequency, etc.)
  4. Team implementation recommendations (architect, data engineer, project manager, report writer, etc.)
  5. Phase 1 Azure implementation recommendations & estimates (hardware/software costs, implementation hours, etc.)
  6. Reporting plan (software, initial priority reports, users, licensing, etc.)
  7. Methodology & process recommendations (Kimball modeling, security, version control, dev/prod environments, etc.)

The end result is a plan from Azure experts on how to use Azure in a best-practice way to make your business data-driven whether you are just getting started with Azure & Analytics or extending what you already have.