AzBrix Automated Data Pipeline Service: 4-Week Implementation

Eighty20 Solutions Pty Ltd

Eighty20 Solutions' AzBrix offering enables immediate value from your data - Automating data delivery with Azure and Databricks.

AzBrix provides an end to end solution for Data Pipelines. Azure resources are deployed through DevOps with their configuration details read and ADF pipelines created. The information is stored in DataLake with data validation and transformation performed through Databricks then moved to the target (SQL Database or DataLake). This solution utilises Azure Data Factory as the orchestration framework.

The solution supports three zones in DataLake. Initially the data is provisioned into the raw zone, during the transformation it moved to Staging zone and the final format is moved to curated zone.

All of these resources are deployed in Azure with just few clicks and with configuration through Azure DevOps pipelines. The solution follows architectural, data pipeline and coding best practices. We have automated the platform work, so you can start with your business use cases.