AzConnect Azure Integration Solution: 12-Wk implementation

Eighty20 Solutions Pty Ltd

Brings together Azure integration building blocks to build a solution to connect your business processes, user experiences, apps and data

Eighty20Solutions AzConnect offering provides you with an integration solution that brings together best in class components from Microsoft Azure toolbox. Cloud-based applications are proliferating as organizations adopt software as a service (SaaS) and cloud-native development to enable digital business. This means that the enterprises are becoming more and more hybrid with a mix of applications and services distributed across Cloud environments and On-Premises environments. Integrations across these distributed applications and services become inevitable. The key to success is to find the approach that maximizes the value delivered by each integration.

The solution uses customised connectors and accelerators to drive the integration and maximize the value. • Customized connectors and accelerators using Azure services like Logic Apps and Serverless Azure Functions to optimize the workflow and process integration • Containerization accelerators orchestrating and managing scaling of legacy apps and services leveraging Azure Container Apps, AKS, Azure Service Fabric, App Services and Docker • AzConnect connectors for monitoring and security integrating with SIEM, Compliance, and dashboarding solutions, such as Azure Monitor, Application Insights, Azure Sentinel, Azure Purview, Prometheus, Grafana, Splunk, DataDog, etc. • AzConnect can also orchestrate consumer and application identity with services and concepts such as Azure AD B2C, Azure AD, Managed Identity and Workload Identity.

The AzConnect solution is offered as a consulting engagement typically delivered over 8-12 weeks. Eighty20Solutions will form a hybrid team with the customer to perform joint discovery, followed by co-created, consultative design with Azure native components. Once design is accepted, the foundation components and proof of value solutions will be built and deployed. The design and implementation are guided by time tested reusable frameworks, tools, practices and libraries which Eighty20Solutions has being a Gold Partner of Microsoft. Migration and Integration strategies follow the Microsoft Cloud Adoption Framework and Well Architected framework which ensures focus on Reliability, Cost Optimisation, Operational Excellence, Security and Performance Efficiency.

At Eighty20 Solutions, we pride ourselves on being a transformation partner who get in the trenches, work shoulder to shoulder with clients, and stay the course, while prepare them to sustain long-term, strategic technology investments, embrace change, and realise benefits - as opposed to leaving them grappling with shiny new technical debt.