AzInvent - Startup accelerator:4-wk implementation

Eighty20 Solutions Pty Ltd

Eighty20 Solutions' AzInvent Startup Factory offering delivers a fully-functioning multi-tenant ISV application on Microsoft Azure as a baseline for your ISV product, using our ready to go starter kit

  • Multi tenant SaaS application on Azure in minutes
  • Multi-tenant data model baseline, on top of which you can build your business process and domain intelligence
  • Global scalability and resiliency of Azure infrastructure based in the design.
  • Infrastructure baseline deployed as code through DevOps pipelines. Deploy as many environments as your business needs – at the click of a button.
  • Secure an efficient CI/CD pipeline to keep your code and environments in sync.
  • Enterprise grade security and compliance for your infrastructure and application architecture
  • Australian sovereign infrastructure (or relevant global footprint as required)