AzWatcher - Azure Security: 2 wks assessment

Eighty20 Solutions Pty Ltd

Eighty20 Solutions' AzWatcher offering looks at your Azure security posture and provides you with prioritised list of issues and actionable recommendations.

In the view of the current business, socio-political and economic climate around our world and in Australia, we see unprecedented levels of uncertainty. AzWatcher helps you to improve your security posture, enhance compliance to applicable standards, and position operations for zero-trust, defense in depth security through our tailored assessments and recommendations.

We ensure to take a complete look at security of your Azure environment(s) based on a number of frameworks and standards, including - Cloud Adoption Framework (CAF) for Microsoft Azure Azure Well-Architected Framework Cloud Security Posture Management tooling / services, both Microsoft first party and third party as applicable

The service is available as an initial consultation which can be delivered over a period of 2 weeks. Post that, you have an option to sign up for a tailored subscription service, which is undertaken in regular intervals.

At Eighty20 Solutions, we pride ourselves on being a transformation partner who get in the trenches, work shoulder to shoulder with clients, and stay the course, while prepare them to sustain long-term, strategic technology investments, embrace change, and realise benefits - as opposed to leaving them grappling with shiny new technical debt.