Data Science Discovery Pack: 2-wk Assessment

Elastacloud Ltd [2018]

Elastaclouds data science discovery programme combines the delivery of a data architecture blueprint using the latest Azure platform tools and services with an innovative data science work package

You will discover the key statistical tools that our data scientists use to unlock the secrets of your data. Our programme culminates with a proposal, tailored to your organization, containing a statement of works that kicks starts your journey to a data science business outcome.

Discovery cycle 2.0 takes your nominated business outcome and transforms your data into actionable insight. For £12,000 + VAT Elastacloud’s data science team will take a maximum of six different data sets from your organisation. The data will be analyzed and structured then utilizing other external data sets we deliver the answer to the priority business outcome. You will receive a report detailing our findings with an overview of our process and statistical tool used in delivering your business outcome and an Azure big data strategy roadmap with costings tailored specifically for you.