Azure Acceleration Kit for Modern Data Platform deployment: 6-day accelerated implementation


Set-up of a "best practice” Azure environment, ready to deploy a Modern Data Platform for Analytics

The Azure Acceleration Kit offers an Infrastructure-As-Code base to set-up a Modern Data Platform: a best-practice data analytics platform capable of supporting enterprise reporting and self-service needs, but also capable supporting real-time data handling, machine learning development and big data handling.

The Azure Acceleration Kit as such lays an Infrastructure-As-Code foundation for everything needed to ingest, integrate, transform, and prepare data for reporting to Power BI and beyond. It enables:

  • instant “best-practice” infrastructure: including having your infrastructure versioned as code and in manageable modules, as well as network security with private and service endpoints
  • faster availability of your Azure set-up: end-to-end set-up can be realized in < 2 weeks
  • a solid base to start: all code is accessible and can serve as a basis for further modifications

What is included (details)?

  • Set-up of Azure Data Lake with private endpoints (i.e. no public IP)
  • Set-up of Azure Data Factory with managed virtual network & private endpoints (to allow Data Factory to access private Data Lake endpoint)
  • Set-up of Azure Databricks within Private Virtual Network (incl. two subnets)
  • Set-up of Azure Synapse with managed virtual network
  • Set-up of Azure VM for hosting gateways
  • Self-hosted integration runtime to fetch data from on-premise to Azure
  • Data or Power BI Gateway to connect data to Power BI
  • Set-up of DevOps build-agent within Virtual Network through Azure Container Instance
  • All necessary connections to flow data end-to-end to Power BI

Typical time to needed to implement without the Azure Acceleration Kit is est. 20 tot 25 days, now reduced to 6 days... including workshops. The Azure Acceleration Kit is a one-time investment. No recurring fees.