Azure Secure Migration: 10 days Assessment

Elgon S.A.

10 days assessments to support and help your company and teams to an Azure migration journey.

Elgon's expertise will guide you to a successful cloud implementation.

Based on the Cloud Readiness Assessment recommendations we are going to implement your Azure foundation starting with a pilot phase. This phase will allow us to validate the technical capabilities and the security of the platform. Our Cloud experts will design your Cloud architecture and implement your Azure Secure Landing Zone while complying with your business, regulatory and legal constraints. Our Azure cloud foundation contains multiple workstreams to deliver an enterprise grade, secure by design Azure environment.

Elgon is working with guidance and baseline of the framework the Cloud Adoption Framework (CAF) and Azure Well-Architected Framework (WAF)

We propose to assess the current environment for a fixed price.

Assessment with Azure Migrate to validate:

  • OS compatibility
  • VM resources needed.
  • Network connectivity (ExpressRoute / VPN)
  • Firewall / security
  • Publication
  • Storage information
  • Back-up DRP


Once we have the results of the assessment, we will come back with the following deliverables:

  • Migration plan for X VMs
  • Financial proposal for a fixed price related to the migration
  • Migration timelines to prepare the work to be performed
  • An Azure TCO estimation
  • We will optimize the existing environment to suit the cloud concept.