Passwordless workshop

Elisa Oyj

1 or 2 day workshop to understand benefits for passwordless model and get proof-of-concept environment up and running and necessary accessories to start piloting passwordless.

Passwordless workshop is a hands-on workshop that is delivered in two parts. Workshop contains:

  • A lot of demos.
  • 20pcs Yubikey FIDO2 Security Keys

Workshop can be delivered in Finnish or in English.

Day 1 "Cloud day" includes the theory of passwordless and demos from different kind of passwordless use cases and possibilities. It contains also some Identity management best practices and at the end of day, we implement a passwordless authentication proof-of-concept to Azure AD. After the implementation selected group of users can start piloting the concept with their cloud identities.

Day 2 "Hybrid day" includes the proof-of-concept to Hybrid Azure AD Joined devices. Target is to sign in to Windows 10 device with a FIDO2 Security key. After the implementation and testing we'll continue discussion about the passwordless strategy and how to start an enterprise scale passwordless implementation. Day 2 is an optional and not required but recommended for organizations that are not yet fully cloud native (end devices, applications, domains etc.)

Day 1

  • Passwordless theory
  • Passwordless authentication options for Azure Cloud Only accounts
  • FIDO2
  • Windows Hello for Business
  • Microsoft Authenticator
  • Identity management best practices
  • Hands-on: Implement passwordless authentication proof of concept towards Azure Active Directory (cloud only)

Day 2 (optional)

  • Passwordless in hybrid
  • Hands-on: Implement passwordless authentication proof of concept towards Active Directory Domain Services (hybrid environment)
  • Passwordless strategy