Azure Rapid Assessment: 3-Wk Assessment

Elisa Oyj

This assessment will examine customer's IT environment, and give suggestions on how the environment would look like in Azure.

Elisa Azure Rapid Assessment is ideal for customers who are evaluating migrating their data center to the cloud, including virtual machines, applications and databases. It provides the needed information to prepare a migration plan and a business case. With this information, Elisa will help the customer with starting Azure migration and / or expanding services in Azure.

Customers receive a full Solution Assessment delivered by a Elisas Solution Assessment Consultant and plan how to migrate to Azure. Elisas Consultant will keep the Customer’s Partner involved through all the Solution Assessment process. The Solution Assessment outcome and results will be shared to the Customer. Elisa will plan together with Customer how to move forward and plan for the next steps including the migration project.

Goal of this assessment is to understand current state of the IT enviroment and how it would work in Azure. With this understanding, Elisa will help customer to plan migration to Azure.

There are three main benefits from Azure Rapid Assessment:

  1. It gives a deeper understanding of the status of the customer's IT environment
  2. Gives basis for decision making by offering data about the IT environment
  3. Gives the necessary data for creating a business plan and a plan for cloud migration project

Microsoft may fund Azure Rapid Assessment for some of it's customers. The eligibility will always be checked by Elisa before claiming the assessment.