Microsoft Fabric: 2 Day Ideation Workshop by Elitmind

Elitmind SP

Enter the world of Microsoft Fabric with Elitmind during 2 day Microsoft Ideation Workshop.

Microsoft Fabric is a game-changer in the data world and has been in the object of recent buzz around the IT world.

A unified analytics solution based on AI components offers multiple features:

Unified SaaS-based solution for all data workloads

  • Data Factory
  • Synapse
  • Power BI
  • Data Activator

Central Knowledge base

Enable access to advanced analytics for all users.

Security and Governance

Comprehensive visibility, governance, security, and integration of your analytics ecosystem.

Easy to use

Advanced analytics available for all business users.


Reduced operational costs due to better data management.

Elitmind, offers 2-day Ideation Workshop, to help understand how the new cutting-edge technology - Microsoft Fabric, can change your organization.

Workshop Agenda

Day I: Introduction & Capabilities

  • OneLake: Enabling Holistic Data Integration
  • Direct Lake: Streamlining Data Duplication Elimination
  • Microsoft Fabric: Empowering Modern Data Mesh Solutions
  • Cost-Effective Benefits of Fabric Migration
  • Centralized Data Repository for Enhanced Data Roles
  • Streamlined Governance and Enhanced Security Measures
  • Utilizing AI to develop efficiently – Copilot integration

Day II: Mapping and Use case analysis

  • Mapping the capabilities to the organization needs
  • Common analytics scenarios
  • Business Value for your organization