4 Hrs. Workshop on Azure WVD by Embee

Embee Software Pvt. Ltd.

Cloud Virtual Desktop (WVD) Workshop 4 hour's Embee Software

Join us for a 4 hour workshop on Azure Windows Virtual Desktop to understand the basic elements and to expand your knowledge on Cloud Modernised Work-spaces.

This four hour Windows Virtual Desktop Workshop provides you with a basic understanding of the components required to deploy in Azure including a readiness assessment to understand the next steps.

What will you learn:

What is remote desktop? * Types of Remote Desktop (Session Host, VDI) * Remote Desktop Services vs Windows Virtual Desktop * How do you License Windows Virtual Desktop * How do I use Office 365 in Windows Virtual Desktop * The use of FSLogix in Windows Virtual Desktop * Solution based on Windows Virtual Desktop * Pricing WVD and sizing the desktop hosts * Client Apps * Demo of Windows Virtual Desktop from build to User Acceptance

This Workshop is delivered over Microsoft Teams and also includes a current state assessment. We have seen lot of customers using WVD Solution during the pandemic, In fact we have deployed WVD environments for many of our customers. Deployment has been going very swiftly for most of our customers, But when it comes to monitoring part for WVD Environment we had to rely on third party solutions for the same. Quite recently Microsoft has came up with some metrics/logs that can be forwarded to Log Analytics Workspace & we can Monitor the WVD environment easily without depending on third party solutions. Let's catch-up with Embee and learn how you can enable monitoring for WVD environment and identify your user's access behaviours in the environment.